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About Dennis Duban

After he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California, Dennis Duban, CPA, put his Bachelor of Science in Accounting to good use when he joined an international CPA firm in 1973, where he remained until 1979. Dennis Duban’s next professional endeavor was to branch out on his own to found Duban Accountancy in 1979, where he provided businesses and individuals with expert accounting services. In 1984, Dennis Duban expanded and acquired the office building in which the firm is now located, and in 2005 joined with partner Troy Sattler to form his current company, Duban Sattler and Associates LLP. 

At Duban Sattler and Associates LLP, Dennis Duban and his associates provide a wide variety of services for their clients in addition to performing traditional tax work. Well-versed in real estate, retirement and estate planning, construction and development, the entertainment industry, and professional corporations, Dennis Duban offers accounting services to individuals, partnerships, estates and trusts, and corporations. Dennis Duban believes in a holistic approach to finances, and to that end ensures his clients receive individualized and careful attention with all of their financial matters. Areas of practice at the firm include capital and business management, estate and retirement planning, financial advisory services, and tax planning and preparation.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Dennis Duban takes part in a large number of charities and professional organizations. He and his partner of 29 years, Kevin Montgomery, got married in 2008 in California before Proposition 8 prohibited same-sex marriages in the state. They received the full support of their daughter, Chelsea, who has campaigned for same-sex marriage rights and has received much attention from the press in the process. Dennis Duban and his family created the Montgomery-Duban Headlands Park in Anacortes, Washington; in addition, they support groups that promote the preservation of nature, such as the San Juan Preservation Trust and the Friends of the Forest. Dennis Duban also supports The Human Rights Campaign and acted as a Treasurer and Board Member of the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue. Additionally, he has been involved in the development of nonprofit organizations. When he has time for leisure, Dennis Duban can be found traveling, studying architecture or history, reading, or running and lifting weights to stay in shape.

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